кошачий принц

Namjoon: Well, remember when you told me not to burn down the dorm?
Seokjin: You burned down the dorm?
Namjoon: No, I had the fire put out almost immediately. This is a success story.

Taehyung: Yesterday, some guy next to me at the airport was crying hysterically, he got up, came back with McDonald's and he stopped crying the second he started eating.
Namjoon: That guy was Seokjin.

*phone rings*
Jin : Hello, I’m really busy right now.
Killer : I’m watching you…
Jin :
Killer :
Jin :
Killer :
Jin : *making model poses while doing flying kisses* Do I look good ?

Namjoon: What would you hypothetically do if someone had hypothetically knocked over your favorite mug, and hypothetically smashed it so bad you hypothetically can't glue it together?
Seokjin: Hypothetically?
Namjoon: *Nods*
Seokjin: Well I would have Jimin and Jungkook hold him down while I kick his ass, then kick him out of the bedroom for at least a month.
Namjoon: ...
seokjin: Hypothetically.
Namjoon: ... Right.
Seokjin: The store I bought it from is downtown. I suggest you run. Hypothetically of course.

Namjoon: Sorry for talking about super scientific shit so much last night, I know it bugs you sometimes when I don't shut up.
Seokjin: What? You sat on the couch for a solid 2 hours staring at your fingerprints and the only word that came out of your mouth was "how"

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2017-06-20 в 22:46 

Лунный дождь
мои звёзды сияют на земле

2017-06-21 в 00:37 

Rikarda J
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И посмеялась, и поумилялась... ох уж эти намджины :heart::heart::heart:

2017-06-23 в 17:22 

Я в Токио


в кошачьем замке;